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Ball & Box

contemporary circus Experimental juggling out of the box New Circus Object exploration Play
contemporary circus Experimental juggling out of the box New Circus Object exploration Play

in.out is a piece about structure and order, sorting and nesting, abstraction and juggling.
An experimentation with ball and box, form and movement.
in.out is a minimalist spectacle and contemporary circus for the stage.
The idea of boxes, in the sense of individual modules, is also reflected in the design and further development of the piece: In this way, a performance can be put together in modular form and further ideas can be developed, stored and worked out.

Christoph Rummel

Christoph has been a juggler and stage artist for 20 years.

Christoph has performed at international variety and circus festivals, e.g. Youth Festival Contest of Circus Arts (Moscow), Festival „Les feux de la rampe“ (France), Flea Festival (Netherlands) as well as at cabaret festivals and renowned variety productions. He has presented his shows at events and congresses of international companies and organisations.

Christoph researches cabaret, movement art, contemporary circus and business entertainment. All these worlds and genres are attractive and stimulating for him.

His style and expression moves between showact, comedy, entertainment and performance and is supported by many years of experience in the disciplines of dance, martial arts and silence practices.

What would the world be without order? We classify into categories and boxes, create rules, structure and routine.

On the other hand there are living bodies, uncertainty, fragility and the call for “Out Of The Box Thinking”.

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Christoph Rummel

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is a living stage art,

that inspires & excites (me)!"

Show, Inspiration & Experimente mit der Kunst der Jonglage

Frei inszeniert und inhaltlich abgestimmt auf Themen und Anlässe.

Das Jonglieren ist mein Kosmos: Erlebniswelt, Bewegungsraum, Geistessphäre, Herzblut und Sinnbild. Als Jongleur und Bühnenkünstler möchte ich Kopf, Herz und Bauch der Menschen und Zuschauer:innen erreichen.

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