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Show, inspiration & experiments with the art of juggling

Exciting stage art with light juggling, comedy, business cabaret, moderation and video art.

Juggling as an inspiring change of perspective for organizations: Business art & comedy, lecture, thought-provoking and moving impulse.

Experimental juggling for theater and stage with ball and box, form and fragility, coordination and humor.

Show, inspiration & experiments with the art of juggling

Freely staged and content-related to themes and occasions.

Christoph Rummel - juggler

CEO, banker, engineer, controller … no, juggler.

My tool is juggling, my wealth of experience is 20 years on stage and the experience from hundreds of performances at events of DAX companies and business events, on cruise ships from the Caribbean to Japan, on cabaret stages from Hamburg to Emmendingen and at international variety festivals … as controller over juggling balls, developer of show acts and CEO of his own self-employment.

Reach, excite and inspire people, guests and spectators.

Your event needs experience, show, interaction, individual entertainment, vivid metaphors, light-painting video art or simply contemporary juggling?

Christoph’s performances promise contemporary stage art and juggling for many types of events, content-based on different themes or freely staged!

This page gives only a short overview of Christoph’s repertoire.
Performances are partly possible in English or (nonverbal) choreographed to music.

Please watch the following videos.

Video Clips


Juggling is in the tradition of show, entertainment and circus arts.
Juggling is a metaphor and symbol in everyday life.
Juggling is constantly evolving and full of potential.

Some of Christoph's references:


Christoph’s performance opportunities in three areas:


Show and moderation with contemporary juggling , artistic comedy, business comedy yes, even with video art - for occasions from evening events to festivals and conferences.


"Keeping many balls in the air" - juggling as a metaphor and food for thought on topics related to workplace, cooperation, complexity, ... for events of organizations where an unusual point of view is desired.

out of the box

Experimental juggling language, contemporary circus, a meeting of form and fragility, of ball and box, control and comedy - a piece for theater and stage.


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Christoph Rummel
Griesberger Str. 27
50765 Cologne (Köln)

Mobile: +49 (0)174-6243470
Fon: +49 (0)221-1704517

E-Mail: info@christoph-rummel.de
Internet: https://christoph-rummel.de

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